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RMI Program (Remote Managed Inventory)

Controlling your inventory has never been easier with our Remote Managed Inventory Programs. The 3Q RMI Program is a capabilities-based program that assists our customer’s inventory replenishment process. Utilizing industry proven methods and electronic data interchange (EDI) communications we are able to manage customer inventory and to replenish inventory to pre-approved levels. Our RMI Program has been proven time and again to greatly reduce our customer’s workload and streamline inventory management.

The 3Q RMI Program provides the flexibility to adjust and monitor inventory requirements by giving the buyers and planners complete control over their inventory and stock levels. We establish weekly or monthly replenishment intervals via email with remote warehouse stock levels to release inventory when the demand is required.

Not only does the 3Q RMI program monitor your sales and inventory, it also provides the ability for customers to plan and order materials and manage all aspects of the inventory process – including shipping and receiving, invoicing, and freight. You’ll notice a dramatic reduction in surplus inventory which will reduce your inventory overhead associated costs.

You’ll spend less time processing paperwork, orders and invoices, and focus efforts on building relationships and improving service to your customers.

Remote Managed Inventory

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